Refuge 2

Refuge has been all over the place the past few weeks.  I did a post a month ago with recordings, where has the time gone?

9.22.11 - (Posted)

9.29.11 - no recording

10.6.11 - Outdoor Refuge

10.13.11 - Fall Break

10.20.11 - GOT IT! 




Hey I got a recording!  We were back at Second Baptist Thursday, and things had settled down enough I was able to get a recording of the service.  I apologize for how undependable of a job I have done.  I will try to remain faithful to posting these.  This recording is not my primary focus though, however.  On Thursday nights my energy is focused on the live worship environment there in that space, the recording is just something that's rolling with whatever makes it on the tracks.  Because of this, it may consistantly sound like garbage.  But, horrible quality or not, the recordings are useful, and I will continue to post them when I can.

Thanks for stopping by!