Can you imagine if when you meet Jesus he says, "So I'm so excited to hear all about what you did with that immense sound knowledge and skill I blessed you with!" God formed us with his hands. He formed us into the exact creature we are today. If I have been given these gifts, these abilities, this home, these tools, these fellow believers surrounding me, and these opportunities, how can I miss the purpose?

I was created to live and breathe and worship my God with what he has given me to do so. It is my duty, my spiritual act of worship to serve him with all that I have and through Him with all that I lack.

My God, I will serve you with what you have formed me to be, not because of my own success, but because of your kingdom and for your purpose Lord.

Forgive me for the thousands of opportunities you have provided for me to serve you through thanksgiving of what you have done. Wake me in the morning to your new mercies O Lord that I may excite you with my eagerness to intentionally bring glory to none but you Lord.

For your kingdom,