What is sin?
In our world to offend someone is the worst sin. "who am I to tell you you're wrong? Only you can decide"
Sin is bigger than that. 

Christ has died for our sin. 
What is sin?

Gen 3:1-7

She does not eat because she is hungry for food. We want power. He has given them everything but she wants this one thing. To be his equal. 

"I know what God says about this one thing, but I want the freedom to do what I want to do. The temptation is one thing. I want all the benefits of the A without the work. I want everyone to think I'm smart when I'm not."

You're breaking relationships with everyone in the classroom. That's what sin is. Breaking relationships. 

But why should we care about people who want to do their own thing?

Sin leads to death. Anytime we sin there are consequences. 

They got what they wanted. The knowledge. You get what you want, it's just you also get the knowledge that comes with it. You get the sex but you also get the giant list that comes with it. The snake didn't say anything about that. Sin will always give to that instant pleasure but the next morning you will be awoken to the list of consequences. 

Romans 6:23

Sin is doing so much more than you realize. It's killing us. Sin kills our relationship with him, which means death. 

As Americans we think we can do what we want but, but we ARE dependent beings. There's nothing we can do about that. 

Think about breathing. 

If you take oxygen with you you can go anywhere. 

Just like Christ. :D

Like it or not, we need Him like we need air. We need that relationship. 

Sin takes over. 

Gen 6:5-6
Rom 1:21-23

Sometimes temptation... You know it's wrong and you can't take it anymore so you finally just do it, but you wake up and it's aware. 

It eats us alive. 
Rom 1:28-32

Evil is always right there with you. Sin has corrupted us. 

"I have a headache"
You just can't. 
You can just 'make it stop'. 
It happens again and again. 

Because we are all sinners. When we broke relationship with God. All of our lives are in danger. 

    But God is continuing to watch after us, even if we don't want him to. 

The wages of sin is death. 

Lev. 17:11
Blood is the only thing that can sacrifice for your soul. Well if you sin, the law, that he created, says to kill something. 

Think about the animals. 
You sin so you kill one. But the next day you sin again. Uh oh. 

The blood of an animal cannot fix man. It's aspirin to cancer. 

When you sin you make promises to Him. "I'll do a couple of things and it'll fix it"

"God let me do it one time you owe me I'm good to you"

We are sick. We have a problem with sin period. Whether you want to believe it or not. It is in every one of us. 

Matt. 1:21
Matt. 20:28
John. 1:29
Acts. 13:38
Rom. 3:23-25

Only a non-sick person could take the place for our sick sin life. He lives all the way through, sinless. Then he says, "I will give my life for you."

Think heart transplant. 
You need a heart from a a clean person. Everyone else is sick. If someone gave you theirs they would die. Christ says, "I'll die". 

You can be the best person ever and serve him forever, but it doesn't fix that you're sick inside. It's not Eve's fault, you sinned this week. 

One sin keeps us from God. 

It ends with new life in Jesus Christ. 
The grave can't keep him because it wasn't his sins that killed him. He doesn't make you a baby again he gives you a new life today. 

Because Jesus now lives in me, I can speak to God. I never have to worry about sin again because he lives inside of me. 

"I think I was saved at 4"
Doesn't matter. 

You have to ask. "God I have tried to stop sinning but I can't. Jesus come inside of me so that I can be redeemed and healed from my sickness."

God has been chasing me. I want him to save me so then I may give him the glory forever.