eleven88 Videos

Since Freshman year a group of us over here at the MBSF has led worship together.

Taylor Wood
Cameron Magee
Beth Ferris
Kimberly Glover
Sadie Hardin
Seth Glidewell

The opportunity the be here every Monday night is wonderful, but even better are the opportunities that come from it. Other MBSF's and high school youth groups all over the state, and some in Texas, invite us to come play at their churches. And we don't say no. We love it. The churches always ask our "legit" name instead of just "MBSF Band" so we call ourselves "eleven88"

This past weekend we went to Beth's home church in White Hall, who were having a youth event focused on servitude.

Kimberly has a neat little FlipCam, and it's becoming a regular occurance that every time we get together some kind of video is made. She puts them up on her YouTube channel, but I've got some embedded below. I might not re-publish all of them on here, but here's a few. :)

thanks for reading!