Enjoying my PSC Class

As a Social Sciences major, I take a lot of history and political science classes. Here's two little blocks from class today, just for those who uh... can't get enough class. :D

Tsar Nick was still fairly popular as a leader. Not perfect, but mostly. However, he makes a very serious mistake. Him and his wife have seven kids, all girls. He wanted a son. This son is a hemophiliac, if you get cut or whatever you bleed to death. So basically, the Tsar and Tsarina dedicate their lives to taking care of this kid. She hears about some mystical man out in the wilderness that has some magical powers or something, named Rasputin. She brings him into the palace. It's universally believed that he had some positive benefits on the child. He either hypnotized the boy or just encouraged him in general. Nobody knows exactly, but Rasputin definitely helped the boy in some way. But, Rasputin starts getting involved in court politics. He starts getting involved. He ends up convincing Tsar Nick to go to the front and take control of the Army. Huge mistake. One, Nick is not a military guy, no training. Two, he's out of the palace. Plus, slowly but surely the people start blaming the Tsar for the losses, just because he's up there. Not good. Rasputin has made everybody angry. He's butting into everybody's business. He's seducing all the women. He's universally hated. So they decide to kill him. They throw him a banquet to poison him with vodka and cake but he's not dying for some reason. Uh oh. They stab and shoot him, roll him in a carpet, and throw him in the river. Full of poison and bullets. Ends up drowning and hypothermia kicks in. Dude just wouldn't die.
Lenin disguises himself and comes back into St. Petersburg in October. He's not afraid to kill somebody. Lenin was nicer than Stalin though. That guy was crazy. Killing everybody for looking at him weird. He gets a meeting with 12 others and the vote is 12:1. The next day it turns to 13:0. SMOOTH TALKER DANG. Over 2 nights, limited violence, they seize power.

Yup. Gotta love that Russian stuff. :-)
thanks for reading.
I do this multiple times, every day. lol