iAm 2010: Posting from Camp

I'm here at FBC Bentonville's Children's Camp 2010. This year's theme is "iAm," teaching the kids all about who our God is.

Having a spectacular time here with some of my best friends in the world.

Houston Harrison - Bass Guitar
Wes & Holly - FBC Summer Music Interns
Chad Plummer - Acoustic Guitar
Ken Montgomery - Keys

Chetley Breedlove - Audio
Dave Roberts - Video

Jarrod Anderson - Teacher/Leader

One of the favorite parts of camp every year is playing "Jungle Pong" with my friends. We've got a huge space here in the Worship Center with stained concrete floors.

Jungle Pong is similar to Ping Pong. We're playing with about 7 people. Each person has a number to know when to hit the ball. It doesn't matter how or where you hit the ball, the only rules are that it must bounce once on the floor before returning to the table. Check it out:

Like I said, having a wonderful time here with my friends.