Power Cables

Power Cables. Walmart carries them, yes. But they're bright orange, very thin low-guage wire, and they rarely roll correctly. Usually they're a big scrambled mess.

I try to order any power cables I can through the internet sites I've come to trust. They arrive black, in whatever guage you specify, and typically roll correctly after just a few "training" rolls. Love it. I always go the extra mile to get them this way, it's worth it to me.

1. MilSpec

I like these guys because they do 25ft, 50ft & 100ft. Also, more importantly, they willingly print your name on the cables. Right on the wire. I guess I should say, they write right on the wire. :) Very cool.

2. DimmerRack

I trust these guys more than any of the other companies because they are true electricians making power distro's for the professional production industry.


3. Cyberguys

Cyberguys has provided almost every cable in my house. However, their options on the large side are limited. I typically go to them for the shorter, smaller cables. Great stuff though.


4. MonoPrice

I have ordered a bit from these guys and have been very very pleased, so, with them having the best price, I see them winning a majority of future work. :)