Refurbished iMac's

I love checking Apple's website for good deals, because let's be honest the computers are nice but they are expensive if you pay regular pricing. I like having nice things like the next guy but I also like working a bit to get better prices. :D

21" - 3.06GHz (older, 256) - $1100 (save $400, 26%)
21" - 3.2GHz (newer, 512) - $1270 (save $230, 15%)
27" - 3.06GHz (older, 256) - $1270 (save $430, 25%)
27" - 3.2GHz (newer, 512) - $1440 (save $260, 15%)

Here's four that are great deals this morning.

And, here's the link to that page:

There are a couple of things to shop for on these iMac's.

1. Make sure it has 1TB of storage. The way these are priced the full 1TB is not that much more than ones 1/2 that size.
2. Look at the graphics card. Noted above, some have 256MB of ability, some have 512MB. Not too important for most of us, but definitely note it.
3. What processor does it have? The "Intel Core 2 Duo" chips are solid, and last year's model. They'll be discounted heavier. The i3's and above are this years, so, they're neat, but much more expensive because they're not as old.
4. Screen Size. 27" is obviously awesome, but 21" is fairly large, let's be honest.

These are practically brand new computers with incredible discounts you won't find anywhere else. Apple is proud of their computers and doesn't like discounting things. This is a great way to get a quality product at the price of a compromised product. :)

thanks for reading and thanks for putting up with the nerd. And remember, if you need anything, let me know, I'd love to help. :)