We are the Reason for the Season

Thank you brother Jarrod Anderson. :)

"Jesus is the reason for the season"
We are the reason for the season.

It is because of OUR sin that He chose to send his son FOR us. He came for US. Nasty awful evil sinful us. His son came for us.

It is easy to ask, how can a holy righteous God allow all these awful things happen to ME?

How arrogant!

The question is, how can a holy righteous God, knowing my heart and how evil I am, choose to forgive me?

He still loves you, His love is unfailing. Be in awe.

We think we know more than the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. What a bunch of Sunday morning quarterbacks! It is easy to sit here and judge and think we know, but he is on the field, every day, from day one, making the calls. The right calls.

If you want to worship God, just be in awe. Be reverent. If you are in awe of God you are worshiping him with your whole heart.

What a generous God.
This is our God.
This is the God we serve.

Aren't you thankful for his generosity, that requires such sacrifice of his sin.

"What is the hardest part of your life to sacrifice for God?"

What is that one thing? The thing that seems the most difficult to give up is the one most important thing you must give. God does not ask for 98% of us. That, in our eyes is, 'hey thats pretty good' but no, he deserves 100%.

We are to give everything. Not "ok what do you want me to do?"
Everything. Generous. Be generous. He was. Look what he has given in his son.

In your life, is the Christmas season a season of generosity?