Canon 7D Audio Rig

I love the ability to use my photo camera for video with the flip of a switch. What a perfect balance for my lifestyle! Most photographers will love shooting video for fun, and most videographers will enjoy shooting quality photos for fun, but this is my life! Both sides of the Photo/Video switch make me smile. Really big. :D

Shot at 720p 60fps. Uploaded at 480p for speed. The edit on this video got about 3mins of attention. I used the 7D's audio channel to "sync" up the Zoom H4N Recorder's audio. Once the external recorder's audio tracks matched the 7D's audio, I deleted the 7D sound. This left the 7D video intact, matched up to the external audio. I threw on a little compression for all four channels, chopped off the ends, and exported. I absolutely love the simplicity of this rig because it allows me to generate quality stuff very quickly.

Full 1080p at 24fps or 30fps. HD 720p at 60fps. Four audio channels. (Stereo ambient, Shotgun and RF Lav). All shot to a CF Card for instant editing without capture or render. Interchangeable lenses. But let's not forget most importantly... that beautiful DSLR look and feel.

I've got a few other videos from the 7D posted, feel free to check those out. They also dive into the gear, I seem to get a lot of questions asking about what model number some of this stuff is. Thanks for watching!