I feel like the term "busy" is relative. For instance when I say, "I'm busy", I smile because I just think about some of the people I follow on Twitter. People like Ben Rector, who spends almost his days on the road. How can I call myself busy? Look at my friends that are married, with bills to pay and children to raise?

How can I be ungrateful for the way my life is today? Look back at the last few years and have an attitude of gratitude! I'm can't tell you how glad I am that my classes do not lock me in a building from 8am-3pm daily.

That's when I tell myself.
I'm living the dream. I am living the DREAM. :D

Before I move on into THIS weekend of things, I thought I'd try to breath, and look back at how wonderful my life has been blessed over the past two or so weeks.

OCT 16 - High School Dance Team competition, hosted by Har-Ber High School. It is incredible that we get to be apart of these. We come in and provide DVD coverage of the day, and turn out DVDs of the entire competition for the parents, before they leave that day. It's awesome. They walk out with their DVDs. Nobody else is doing this and I love it. Natalie does the camera, Laura does the copying. Mom holds it all together and I captain this scary ship.

OCT 17 - We also do photography at the shows, so the Sunday after is spent uploading 6600 photos. :) that takes some time. Time I get to spend sitting and talking to my best friend.

OCT 18 - Sam Sanders show rehearsal

OCT 19 - Sam Sanders show. My friend Sam pulled all the HSU ministries together under one roof for one night. Five bands in 90mins. I got to do audio for this wonderful rodeo as well as play with Taylor to represent MBSF. I played the BOX. That cajon that my carpenter friend Josh Stone made with me. A beautiful instrument for worship.

OCT 20 - do all schoolwork for this week

OCT 21 - Refuge moved to First Baptist. You know. :)

OCT 22 - Movie on the Quad. Laura came down from Benton and we did an HSU Movie on the Quad event. She only gets to be on campus two days a week but she came back to help me do audio for this event. Can you say date night? Henderson is helping me out! She thinks she's coming in because I NEED her help, but let's be honest you push play and sit there. I just WANT her to be sitting NEXT to me. lol :D Only a matter of time til she catches on there. Until then, date night baby. :)

OCT 23 - I double dipped today. Broke my rules. Learned a lot. I did some photos for Laura's brother Bradley in the afternoon, and ran back to Henderson to video their Homecoming Greek Step Show. It was a crazy day and I learned to be careful with how I schedule myself. Should have just done the photoshoot and given them the entire day instead of limiting their time to a couple of hours, it felt rushed.

OCT 24 - Edit that Greek Show. all day. I've never been an editor.

OCT 25 - MBSF Impact. Every Monday. Worship and teaching. I love it. I get to live there. Come visit.

OCT 26 - Got to take some pictures of my friend Chanda's two little boys Huston and Hayden. Two adorable little boys that were way too cooperative. I'm spoiled.

OCT 27 - East Union Missionary Baptist Church. The MBSF "eleven88" band traveled down the road to play for a friends youth group in central Arkansas. A fun trip where Taylor Josh and I had an entire 15 passenger van to ourselves.

OCT 28 - Refuge at HSU! Refuge on the road again, this time on HSU's Quad. A fantastic fantastic night. :D

OCT 29 - Another movie on the Quad tonight.

OCT 30 - Another Dance Team Competition in Van Buren tomorrow.

I'll let you do the math but…

The movie here on campus will free me and Laura around 11pm.
Van Buren is 3.5hrs North of here.
We need to be in the door at Van Buren at 7:30am.

11pm. … 7:30am
Sleep and Drive

thanks for reading and caring! I appreciate you. :)