Apple MacBook Deals!

Dang it Apple is running some DEALS right now! My least favorite thing about Apple is how expensive they are, but not today. Dang it.

Maybe it's because it's iCal day, but DANG. (it's July 17th today!)

Here's the link to the deals, but keep in mind this page updates about every 10mins, so they might have sold out of some of these I'm going to talk about before you get there.

MacBook (white) - $699
1GB memory
Combo Drive (reads)

MacBook (white) - $749
2GB memory
Superdrive (burns)

MacBook (black) - $999
2GB memory
Superdrive (burns)

That black MacBook is the very same machine I'm typing on right now. I know I talk about this too much, so I'll make this quick.

This black MacBook is more computer than just about any normal human being needs.

MacBook Memory Upgrade - 11I'm doing some challenging things on mine, and have upgraded it to keep up with my demands. I put 4GB of memory in it a few months ago, and will be upgrading the hard drive this weekend. I am beginning to push mine to the max with my uses, so I might be nearing an upgrade.

Those deals are insane. The black one for instance was $1700 on December 1st. I got it for $1200 on December 5th. Today it's $999. Whoa.

I don't know why I talk about these things all the time, but DANG I love my Apple MacBook, and DANG those are some CRAZY prices to get in the door on. :D