Fried Chicken Goodness

Oh my goodness I have stumbled upon what must be a mistake. KFC has a #5 on their menu that gives you this pile of food for, with drink, $7. Seven dollars isn't terribly impressive, that's really the going rate just about anywhere. It costs me over $7 to eat at Chick-Fil-A, so this deal wouldn't appear to be that fantastic. But oh my goodness it is. There is so much food in this lovely little box for two. Aubrey and I split the box down the middle for dinner tonight, 50/50, and couldn't finish it.

Break it down? you bet.
KFC ohh my

1 Original Thigh
1 Popcorn Chicken
5 Chicken Strips
1 Mashed Potatoes
1 Potato Wedges
2 Biscuits
and a drink
and it's seven dollars

Hot dang what a deal. You just can't beat it. It couldn't beat it with a stick. If this high of an intake of fried chicken wasn't lethal, I'd be there for lunch tomorrow. What a deal. I'm so happy.