Gaff Tape doesn't Scratch

One of the worst parts about all this Audio/Video equipment is that it's all made from either Metal or Plastic, both of which scratch really easily. To avoid that, I try to put a coat of Gaff Tape on any parts of my gear that I can.

Gaff Tape doesn't scratch. It doesn't leave a residue behind. It's a nice sharp black, which doesn't look awful. It's easy to tear and manipulate down to exactly what I need.

Gaffed Hood

For instance. One of the first things I did with my new Panasonic was put a layer of Gaff on the lens hood and under the body on the base. The Gaff is a slick black that looks fantastic on the camera, and will stick through cold or hot protecting that scratchy plastic around the clock. The lens hood always takes the hits for the lens, and can get looking really bad. Not mine. Also, the base gets scratched even easier with all the tripod mounting/unmounting. All those clips leave small marks that add up.

With Gaff tape covering everything except the lens and my face, I feel very comfortable about keeping my gear in 100% shape. Which is very important to me, because it's easy to understand how much it all costs when you are the one who paid for it all. Seriously. There is no excuse not to take the utmost care of gear. Yours or not. This stuff can last longer than it's needed if it's handled properly.