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We made it to DC just fine, arriving just after rush hour today. We're going ALL OUT by relying solely on the DC Metro for transportation. We flew, and have no personal transportation of our own. It'll be public or no-blic for us.

Tonight's post will be pulling away from the typical structure of this blog but contributing to the typical content mixture of this blog. I can't categorize this blog. It contains aspects of my mixed life. If you're a reader you understand the cross of material blogged about here.

I saw a lot today. Here is a collection of strange little paragraphs summing up information logged for today.

It is a good idea to place your alarm clock very far away from your bed. By using your phone as an alarm, and leaving it right next to your bed, you set yourself up to simply roll over onto it and successfully sleep in on important wake-up days.

No matter what size suitcase you begin to pack, you will fill it. Planning to leave parts of a large suitcase empty due to a medium amount of clothes sounds like a safe plan. However, viewing that empty space will remind you of the items that aren't necessary for travel, and will force you to place them into your travel luggage.

People in the service industry, such as airports, dining and transportation, work hard. They have servants attitudes and carry a wealth of knowledge to their under-paid workplaces. They are held to high demands, and rarely thanked for their work. Smiling and thanking these people is necessary. They are humbling themselves to serve you. They are not robots, and they deserve respect.

Traveling with family is funny.
Strangers don't like to talk on airplanes.
All bags look alike at baggage claim.

The DC Metro is a fantastic system.

Washington DC is an interesting place where it is impossible to not have something to look at. Strolling down any street you can find will show you historical sites and ornate buildings. Our country has done and continues to do a lot to honor it's national capital.

To have your point-and-shoot photographs turn out, pay attention to two things: ISO and Flash. Mixing these up will leave a card full of garbage photos, remembering the two in balance will maximize your cameras potential. When shooting at night, You will need to either use a high ISO, or flash. Not both. Flash only travels about 15ft. Anything inside 15ft, use your flash and leave your ISO alone. Farther than 15ft, raise your ISO and leave your flash off.

That's about it for the first day of DC family vacation. Sorry this is such a bare post. Normally this is a pretty jazzy place, but I really don't have much to show from a day of travel. Tomorrow though. Looks nice up here. Looking forward to more time with this bunch. Six is a great travel number. Caleb and I are a good brother team. Vickie is a nut who keeps things light. Aubrey seems to be putting up with my crazy family. Mom & Dad seem to be having a good time. Tomorrow will be filled with wonderful bunches of blog material. Blogging is for nighttime, Twitter is for daytime. The Twitter window is over on the right side of this page somewhere. Thanks for reading!