My drumkit has Arrived

After much, MUCH anticipation and longing and waiting and pining, the LORD has provided me with a set of drums to worship his name with.

Gretsch Catalina Club JazzI've been acting like I'm a drummer for a few years now, always playing on other drummer's kits. Until this week, all I owned was a stick bag full of junk to hit other guy's drums with. In that bag, I carried my digital camera and a measuring tape. Every time I'd play a kit, I would:

1. take a bunch of pictures of their drums to research later
2. measure all the drums to find out what sizes I liked


1. I have no idea what I'm doing
2. I have no interest in dropping thousands without a clue

So, when the LORD finally provided opportunities and funds to buy pieces of gear, I jumped. Through eBay, the newspaper, and online stores, I have built together the pieces of my personal drumkit over the last 2 months.

I have been at college, and had all the stuff shipped home. After arriving home Friday night, I began checking everything out. I had my friend Phillip Johnson (that's my drumtech if anybody asks) come over Saturday for us to build the kit. Turns out, drums come shipped like this:

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

Fantastic. I was more than thankful that I ordered mine instead of buying a set from a local store. This allowed me and Phillip to build everything from the ground (carpet) up, doing everything correctly step by step.

I found some drum tuning techniques online, and used this one to do the kick (bass) drum:

I'll be doing a few more posts, but for now, the drums are set up, they are tuned, and they are ready to play. I've gotten in a little playing time this weekend, trying to keep the volume to a courteous level for the home that does not belong to me.

My goals for this kit have been met.

1. a beautiful look that will stick through the future
2. quality hardware that will not wear out through time.
3. a tight setup for a 3x5ft space, as well as easy transportation.
4. a quiet set.

Number four is the most important to me personally. Drums can be mic'd for larger rooms. Drums can be hit harder for outdoor worship. Drums can always be louder. It takes careful selecting and disciplined playing to maintain a quiet set. This set allows me to practice at home, play in small rooms, and be mic'd for anything requiring a larger volume.

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz

I am more than pleased with the drums, and cannot wait to be back in Bentonville to really get to warm them in.