the Gossip Shop

When I'm home in Bentonville, Tom Treinen of Athena Salon takes care of my hair. However, now that I'm away from school during the week, I have been on the hunt for a place to get my haircut here in Arkadelphia.

IMG_0335Step One of finding a place to get your haircut: Find somebody who looks good, and I mean GOOD, and ask them where they go. For instance, I asked Klayton Seyler. He is an OBU Golfer, and leads worship for Refuge. His hair always looks good. He said he went to The Gossip Shop, so I started there.

I ended there. The Gossip Shop is a great place, and I don't plan on shopping around anywhere else.

The Gossip Shop is located here in Arkadelphia, about 90secs from the campus.


They take appointments, but today I pulled a sneak attack and just walked in. I got lucky today, but I've called before to make sure. The point is, you can call if you want, but you don't have to. I really like that. I typically will schedule, but I like the freedom of not being locked down incase a newspaper photo story assignment comes up or something.

A girl named Taylor cuts my hair. She always does a great job, and somehow remembers things to talk about, even after the typical 6-weeks it takes me to get back in there. I don't know what the going rate is for a haircut, but she only charges me $10, which I think is incredible.

Our friends Taylor and Jamie just got married, and Jamie goes in there, so I'm sure they do a good job on girls' hair too. They also have tanning stuff in there, but I'm not much of a tanner, so you'll have to find another blogger to get on that one for you.

The Gossip Shop works great for me here in Arkadelphia. They have easy scheduling, reasonable prices, and THEY KNOW HOW TO CUT SOME HAIR. Taylor always does a great job, and never keeps me in there for over 30mins. Girly name or not, this guy loves the Gossip Shop.