Mud on the Jeans

Today was a pretty good day.

I went to Oral Comm. and turned in my homework, only to find that I had WAY over done it, and had done it so much the wrong way that I wasn't going to get credit for it.

Then off to News Reporting.

I met a few friends for lunch, and got back to the dorm to get my gear ready.

HSU BaseballBaseball game today at 1pm. It was a little muddy, but the weather was nice and bright, which resulted in 1/4000th photos. I like shooting that fast.

HSU BaseballDuring the game, two helicopters flew by in the distance. 30mins later, they came back, only this time, with a friend. A huey, who came to watch. About this time a C-130 drops below the clouds for a little look. The Huey and C-130 had come to watch. Not the game, but their two friends the attack helicopters, showing off. These two choppers come up over the outfield trees, (this is at like, 3000ft), and do this cross-cool-sideways turn formation thing where they criss-crossed right over the mound. COOL. Then they all went home.

you can see the others on my Flickr:

Met with Dr. Welch, the President of the University, for a quick interview on a story for next week's Oracle. (Henderson's student newspaper)

Uh-OhAubrey and I went for a short walk on a trail nearby, and drove to Waffle House to get off our campuses and relax.

After dinner, I was able to talk to my friend Phillip Johnson, who is down in Orlando right now doing a show for Wal-Mart.

Spoke with my parents for a good long talk, and tried to get some plans for the next few weeks laid down.

Then I made some drumsticks (special post to come) and got in about an hour or so of work behind the MBSF drums.

Now I'm blogging! Working up a special little entry about those drum sticks I was talking about.

My friend Travis is in Haiti right now, please pray for safe travel for him, as he flies back to the states in a few days.

I've been trying to take Twitter more seriously. Twitter is a website that allows me to update my "status" a few times during the day. You can see my "tweets" over on the right side of the blog.

As always, thank you, very much, for reading this blog. Thank you for maintaining an interest in my life, and being a group of friends that motivate me to make each day a blog-worthy experience.

Did you vote on the drums?