Potter's Bass Amp Rig

I love to do stuff like this. My friend Matt Potter plays Bass Guitar, and needed a new Bass Amp. We went to Guitar Center together, and spent a few hours comparing the inventory until we decided on a head-and-cab for him. In case you're curious:

GK Neo410

That was only the beginning. Matt wanted more than just a head and cab, he wanted a BASS AMP RIG. Meaning, instead of just having two pieces of gear, he wanted it cased and mounted and wired and wheeled and road-ready and well... LEGIT

I have never needed to use this word more appropriately.
it. was. LEGIT.

First, we got some 4" blue swivel locking casters for the Cab. Those babies are like Butta. That cab is totally road ready.

Then we got a 4-space Roadcase Rack from AudioPile.

side note: AudioPile is fantastic, you should check them out.

We also picked up a dbx 31-band EQ, which sounds FANTASTIC on a bass amp. The control is absurd.

I pull the EQ and the amp head into the rack, and went to work on that sucker.

Potter's Bass Amp RigI wanted this rig to be really customized, and really tight. To do this, I wanted all his connections to be in one place, the front of that rack. I got a blank rack panel and outfitted it with a powercon, speakon, and two XLR connectors.

Potter's Bass Amp RigOn the inside of the rack, the powercon terminated to a standard power outlet, mounted in the back of the rack. The speakon terminated into a 2ft cable to come out of the back of the amp head. The XLRs terminated to 1/4" cables to go in and out of the dbx EQ.

Potter's Bass Amp RigOn the outside, I soldered up custom-length powercon and Speakon cables, as well as XLR-1/4" patch cables for the loops of that Bass head into the panel.

I love this rig. I almost hated to see it leave our living room. This setup is SO road worthy it's insane, and Matt just called me to tell me all the compliments he's already gotten on it. Then he told me he wanted to expand at Easter.

let's do it, Matt.

(you can see more photos of the Rig by going here)

I hope someone else will just trust me with a stack of money to trick them out a system like this. It was incredible, I can't wait to do another!

Potter's Bass Amp Rig

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