Marriott Marquis: Time Square

Marriott Marquis: Times SquareThis hotel is crazy nice. I think there are 45 floors. The first eight aren't even rooms!

The tallest building at home is 8 stories. The front desk is on the eighth floor here. It's nuts.

Getting down the the street level spits you out RIGHT onto Times Square, which has made everything extremely accessible.

ShowerHead - NYC Marriott MarquisThe rooms were really nothing special, just the standard 2-up queen beds, with a bathtub and a desk. The shower heads are REALLY nice! There was a nice 42" LCD TV. I never turned it on, but I'm sure it's really something.

There is a Starbucks across the street, there is a Starbucks just outside the hotel, and there is a Starbucks on the eighth floor. People like coffee up here I guess.

Times Square: McDonaldsMore importantly to me, there is a McDonalds located directly across the street from the Hotel, making alte-night meals and soft drinks within easy reach. That McDonalds is faithfully providing the internet connection that is publishing this blog. The hotel wanted $17 A DAY to give me WiFi in the room, so I said, "no."

I am taking pictures constantly, and pausing to write the blogs throughout each day. I just can't PUBLISH them until late each night. Hopefully this hasn't caused too much confusion. :D

Marriott MarquisThe Hotel has at least twelve elevators, called Wonka-vators. (they are all glass, the name was just natural) The go CRAZY fast, and I really haven't spent more than 15secs waiting for one since I arrived Saturday night.

This hotel is way too nice for me, but I love its access to Times Square. I would love to stay here again.