Flashy Photography and Constant Videography

I like to use light in my photography. More specifically, that light comes from flashes.

A light bulb can push, say, 60w continuously.
A flash bulb can push, say, 240w instantly.

Aubrey the JumperThe juice used to push that 60w bulb is 60 watts, every second. The flash, however, sits quietly for four seconds, bottling up 60 watts for each of those seconds. Then, it POPS, blowing out that four seconds of stored energy at once, 240 watts.

Photography and Videography both need light. They are, by definition, the capturing of light.

For videography, you need continuous light, so you settle on the less-powerful 60w bulb to burn for your minutes of tape.

the Jungle BookFor photography, you only need instantaneous light, for that instant the photo is captured. Because of this, you can achieve MUCH brighter light. This is because you can then rest for four seconds while your flash rebottles its strength for the next photo.

That is why photography uses flash lighting, and videography uses continuous lighting.