Hunter Klie

Yesterday was my friend Hunter's 19th birthday.
Hunter and Cameron
Hunter Klie and I met each other in the first grade. We buddied up pretty quick, and grew really close through our 2nd grade year. By third grade, we were best friends. All the way up to Jr. High, we were pretty much attached at the hip.

Our zoning in Bentonville sent us to separate Jr. High's, where we had to grow on our own, until we could meet back up at Bentonville High School for our last three years before college.

Hunter has always been my best friend.

He is an only child, which made sleepovers pretty AWESOME without an older brother to punch us, or a younger sister to annoy us. His parents, Doug and Julie, have always been overly nice to me, and treated me like a 2nd son while at their house in Bella Vista.

Hunter is now a Bear up north at Missouri State University. He studies music, all the time, and is becoming a way better DP than I will ever be.

Hunter Klie is

Happy Birthday, Hunter, I know you had a good one!
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