Nature's Refuge

Refuge FOH
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Tonight's Refuge service went well. A lot happened, but there were 2 key points.

both of them fly.

Soon after the first song, I see something, something pretty big, fly through the air across the room. Looked like somebody had tossed a hacky sac or something. This hacky sac started soaring from one side of the room to the other.

Nobody was throwing a hacky sac in church, it was a bat, in church.

This bat was going bizzerk. Swooping down low by heads, way up into the catwalks, back and forth, front to back, bizzerk. It managed to distract the majority of the group for the majority of the worship. It landed on the ceiling, upside down, above the pulpit. I guess it wanted to take a break and hear the sermon.

Refuge SnakeAfter the sermon, the band came back up and played a few more songs. I felt something tingling my right hand.

When I mix, both hands are on the board, resting on the edge, with fingers spread to the faders.

But, something was tickling my right hand, and with our friend Tom the Bat flying around, I lifted my hands to take a look.

There was a ladybug, trying to journey from the LR faders to Ch. 1. My hands were blocking the road (board tape highway), so I kindly removed the double road-block temporarily for our lady.

She was just sitting next to my hand, tickling it, basically asking me to move. As soon as I lifted my hands, she charged forward and got out of my way. It was pretty funny.

Ran the service tonight between 87 and 104dB. too hot?