Henderson Cafeteria Napkin Board

HSU Caddo Napkin Board
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The cafeteria here isn't the greatest in the world, but they are open minded. They have invented one of the finest ideas I've seen on campus. They call it,

the Napkin Board

Every table in the cafeteria has a napkin dispenser in the middle. Students can take a napkin and use it to post suggestions to the board. The staff then reads the suggestions as they walk by the board, and tries to improve.

Sadly, people usually use the board to just be negative. A common post would be something like,


I try to be a little nicer, because although the food really isn't that good, the staff works, REALLY HARD. They are an extremely motivated, hard-working crew, that deserves a pat on the back, not a spit to the face.

I try to keep it light, because it can get ugly if there goes a few days without somebody speaking up with a kind word.

That being said, I don't just put "THANKS GUYS, LOVE YA!" up there. I'm trying to get a message across, too.

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