Game Night!

Game Night!
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I'd say the majority of today was just a stall to get to tonight. Aubrey and I had compiled a list of games we love to play (a rather lengthly list, I must mention) and had decided to push through the entire list in one night. Usually, a date for us would include one, maybe two of these games, usually taking about 45mins each, but that wouldn't cut it tonight. We went into FF (actually pronounced "eff-eff") mode.

It was a fun, innocent kid kind of night. We both had a blast. Games are such a better deal for us. For some reason, we're just not very movie-based. I don't know what most couples do our age, but I assume it's dinner-and-a-movie setups. Not us. She can usually round up some Pumpkin Patch day or I can pull off a "Pineapple and a Kite" afternoon. It makes for much more interactive dates, and brings us closer through our time together.

Here's the co-compiled list for the evening:

1. Pool (that's 8-Ball, not 8ft deep)
2. Ping Pong
3. Rock Band
4. Mania
5. Puzzle Mania
6. Fish Mania
7. King's Corners
8. ERS
9. Sharks and Minnows
10. Zuma
11. Mario Kart N64
12. Hide & Go Seek
13. Badminton
14. Street Football

We made it through every one of them, except Football. It would have been pretty nuts in this 31-degree Bentonville weather.

It was an absolute fantastic blast of a time. Has anyone even heard of half of these games? Probably not. Comment if you need instruction sheets, and we'll type them up for you. Mania can be a bit tricky for the amateur.

One of these days we'll start acting like 18-year-olds instead of 11-year-olds. But in the mean time, I'm having the time of my life with the girl of my dreams.