Icy Menagerie

Warm Hat
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After a few days of nerd lectures, it's time to lighten it up a bit with a menagerie post. Let me tell you, it's dang cold. Everywhere is freezing. Bentonville is under a phenomenal ice storm from what I hear, and Arkadelphia may be on it's way to a similar fate.

Lucky for me, I've got friends and family that care about me (and know the worst thing for me is dressing myself) who got me clothes for Christmas. I got a new jacket from Aubrey, new gloves from Mom & Dad, and a new hat from Aubrey's little sister Aaryn.ICE-PrimedI'm decking out head to toe for any mild adventure outside of the dormitory.

Last semester I worked at the Radio station, this semester it's the school newspaper. I'm currently writing a story that's due Thursday at noon. I'll be sure and post it here, first. :D It's important to me to be able to say, aloud, "you heard it here first, folks".

Aubrey and I got to drive over to Little Rock on Saturday for a little fun. It was mostly shopping, going in and out of stores not buying much. I managed to walk away with a new pair of $7 drumsticks, but that was about it for the college-student purchases. My highlight of the trip was the Park.
At the Park
I've been taking quite a bit more photos recently. I've just been in a photographer kind of mood I suppose. If you don't typically, you should hop over to my Flickr page, that's where I hide them all.

I got a new LCD monitor for my PC. The old one started going bizzerk, so I waited for a deal, and pounced. New Setup [medium] I got this 20" widescreen monitor from Sceptre for only $140, free shipping. I love NewEgg.com. I love those words, "free shipping". It's icing on any good deal cake.

Appearantly I'm stressed, because my typical stress signals are loud and clear (like nightmares). But, I don't feel stressed, I feel excited and productive, fast-paced and timely. Maybe that's normal?

Travis Cottrell is currently working on a new album. Just had to throw that in here, I'm pumped like a BASKETBALL about that little nugget of the future.

That wraps up another scrambled menagerie post. Thanks again for reading, you two!