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We loaded up the family truckster and headed down to Frisco, TX on New Year's Eve. My dad's parents live here, (that's Nana and Grampa to you). And by family truckster, I mean a rented minivan. When traveling over 1,000 miles round trip, my Dad prefers to put those miles on a rented vehicle instead of depleting the resale value of ours.

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Today we ran around nearby Plano, TX and did some early morning shopping. I hit the Apple Store and Fry's Electronics. If you've never been in a Fry's before, there is absolutely nothing like it anywhere. Imagine every electronic out on the internet, on sites like or or even, and put all those stores into one brick-and-mortor store.

Fry's Electronics

It is awesome to get to hold stuff in your hands, and see it powered up, two things you can't do with a keyboard and mouse.

Caleb and I were riding in the minivan with Dad driving, on our way back to the house. The car in front of us stopped pretty abruptly, so my Dad quickly changed lanes, and then doubled back into our original lane. Now, my Dad's a heck of a driver, but we all make mistakes. Appearantly he did not use his turn signal to inform the driver behind him of this double-quick lane change. Apperantly that bothered the driver behind us. Apparantly that driver was the Police.

Plano's Finest

Dad shut it down in a nearby parking lot. Let's Review: Rented Car. Two lane changes no signal. 10mph over the speed limit. We got a warning.

Wow. God is good. We should have gotten busted, big time, for as much stuff as we were accidentally doing wrong. Praise the LORD.

Watching the Cotton Bowl right now, it's both my parents' alma mater, Texas Tech, versus Ole' Miss. The game is about 3 miles down the road from my grandparents house, but we couldn't get tickets. Well, we COULD have gotten tickets, but all the good ones were gone immediately. We would have been outside the 20 yard-lines, in the nose bleed's. We also would have paid about $600 to be there. No thanks. I like the comfy, replay friendly, sky-cam coverage, surround sound audio of this living room just fine.

Writing during a commercial break, and just saw this the best 17secs of the afternoon:

I got a new set of earphones at the Apple Store today, looking forward to writing up a quick review for them later. Happy New Year everybody! Happy New Year!