From Radio to Newspaper

Newspaper and tea
Originally uploaded by Matt Callow
Last semester, my Mass Media obligations here at Henderson included working at the campus Radio Station, KSWH. Each semester, us Mass Media majors rotate around, bringing in a fresh batch of students behind us to fill our shoes. My second HSU semester places me at the Newspaper.

Unlike the Radio Station where you could listen online, I am sure if the newspaper will be accessible to anyone outside of the campus here. I hope that the paper will have an online version, but I won't know the particulars of my responsibilities, or really anything about the paper, until next week.

Hopefully they'll let me take some photos for them, and hopefully no one will take whatever they make me write too seriously. Apparently my writing isn't very formal.

As soon as I get informed about the (hopeful) online edition of our newspaper, I'll be sure and pass the knowledge on to the five of ya'll. LOL

(photo my Matt Callow, thanks Matt!)