Smart or Stoopid

Apparently, I'm smart.  Just barely, but I am smarter than the average bear. You never can trust these things though, especially if it's handing out verdicts like that to guys like me.


A very good friend of mine sent me the link to this goofy website.  I was skeptical at first, usually this stuff is garbage, but I trust my friend.

It's a test, a general knowledge trivia kind of deal.  It took me about 2mins to complete, and it was actually quite a bit of fun.  More importantly, it wasn't covered in pop-ups, and it didn't do anything weird, it was just a fun little website, that didn't ask for my email address or anything.

Here's the link

If you've got 2mins, take the test, and then post your score on here, under the comments.  (directly under this post, click COMMENTS)

It was fun.  I wouldn't devote a whole blog entry to it if I didn't want you to go do it!