Merry Christmas!

2008 Stocking Contents
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Well, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas this year. I was not expecting much from this year, but it turned out to be one of the greatest Christmas's yet!

Caleb's got a few rules (morals) to his lifestyle.
Rule #1: Low Expectations are the Key to Happiness
This year, since Caleb and I had already received our iPhones, I was not expecting anything. We were told that if we got iPhones, that would be it, and not to expect any packages on Christmas morning, so we didn't. My expectations were low, meaning that if I got one gift, I was going to light up like an elf.

I had to go Strobist on ya'll, and document each of my gifts. When Aubrey asked to see what I had gotten, I showed her through flipping around the photos on an LCD screen instead of actually sifting through them. "figures"

It was a great year. Both in the typical kid way of measuring a Christmas, and in a sentimental way. It was a good year because I got a great "haul" of gifts, but mainly it was a good year because I got to spend it with my family, and with my girl's family, the Elliott's.

After spending the entire morning and afternoon over here, I got to run over to their house for an hour or two. They always make me feel so welcome over there, like I'm just part of the family, coming over a little late. I love those Elliott's.

You can see all the photos in my Christmas Set on Flickr. And I'll list out all the gifts here. This'll be it for tonight, I've got to get on a little thank-you writing. Mom and Aubrey would be se proud. : )

The relatives gave me the eternally-loved, eternally-appreciated Cash. Juanell and Dub, Mitch and Karen, Grannie and Papa, and my Aunt Vickie.

Kirk and Amy also got me a new laundry bag for school.
and tossed in a SWEET grow-toy, a frog that turns prince.
Mom and Dad pulled through with a LaCie 1TB Drive!
Grannie and Papa added a nice emergency blanket for the car with their card.
Caleb pulled out two DVDs for me, Air Force One, and Terminal.
Mom and Dad also got me an InCase sleeve for my MacBook
Now That's What I Call Music! 29 (I've got 1-28)
Finding Nemo
Sweet Flashlight
iPhone Charger
2 Shirts, a Tie and a Hat
2 K'NEX sets, a NERF gun
and a fireproof safe

Merry Christmas, everybody. I can only hope that yours was as grand as mine.