Henderson State Intramural Soccer

HSU IM Soccer 26
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Wednesday afternoon, I felt like getting the camera out. I shot a tree in front of Sturgis, but tree's really aren't my cup of trea. I really like shooting sports. Well, a sporting event can be hard to come by on a Wednesday afternoon at 4:30pm. But, the LORD provided. We have intramurals here, so I wandered down to the intramural fields. Sure enough, some guys were playing Soccer, so I went to work.

I was able to get right out on the field, and chase these guys back and forth for about an hour. I had fun experimenting with fast shutter speeds, to freeze the action of them running. It was some of the most photo phun I've had in a while. You can see some of the photos here, if you want. I love shooting sports.

The next day, NWA Photo called me, and asked if I would be interested in shooting a cross country meet for them this weekend. One day after I had learned the secrets of how to freeze action and make running look good. The LORD provides.