Go-Buy: Canon Powershot SD750

Canon SD750 - Main
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I am convinced that I have found the perfect digital camera. This is not my first, it is actually my third, but hey, the third time's the charm, right?

I typically shoot with my Canon Rebel XTi, which is a D-SLR camera, which means it's big, and it's heavy. So, I like to keep my Powershot on my hip. If I'm going somewhere that I'm going to want to take some pictures, but I don't want to lug around a camera bag, or even a pouch, this is what I'm all about. I slip this baby into my little Lowepro pouch, and on the hip it goes, to be forgotten about. Literally, with this thing out of my hands, and not around my neck, I forget that I even have it sometimes, it's that light.
Canon SD750 - Rear
It's small, as you can see, a sharpie dwarfs it in size. There are better digital cameras out there, with bigger zooms, and better mics for video, but this one is the best overall. Of course my D-SLR takes better shots that this, but it also weighs several pounds, and requires a separate bag in my hands all night. This camera wins the balancing act of size, weight, convenience, functionality, and price.

It costs $165. WOW. Can I say that again? WOW. That is ridiculous. When combined with a $20 4gb memory card, you can shoot over 30mins of video on this. All my YouTube content is shot with this camera. Add a spare battery for less than $20, and a $16 sleek pouch for the hip, and you're done. Those four elements combined make this the best camera available. I checked, and the whole caboodle, shipped to my ZIP code, was $230.21.

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All the photos from Sunday were with this powerhouse. I can't express how nice it was to have it on the hip, and forget about it. Ask Aubrey, I'm like a Texan gunslinger with this piece, I'd say I can draw and snap in about 2.6secs.