A Pear of Bananas

A Pear of Bananas: 2
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This year's Halloween, was a good Halloween. Aubrey and I got to spend it together, as a pair of Bananas. Let me see if I can put it in a way that is "a-peeling" to read:

You could say we were a perfect "pear". Let's just say we had a very good, no a "berry" "grape" time. I don't want to be "melon-choly", but the choices here in "Apple-delphia" are "cherry" "lime-ited". The weather was "plum" beautiful. The night's cool air was "peachy".

I posted a photo of us in the lobby of my dorm, and then a spread of the candy from my Pumpin. (the K is silent here)

the Halloween Haul
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You can see a few more photos of us on my Flickr page. The link is always posted on the right. I hope you all had an eventful holiday, whether you were on the streets, or in your homes passing out candy. I'm glad that I got to spend it with my girl, even though we weren't home in Bentonville. Arkadelphia will just have to do for the next few years. Happy Halloween everybody!