Banana in the Shoe

Taylor and I are both heading out for the weekend. I am notorious for being a momma's boy, and packing way too much junk.On the Road Again But, I spied Taylor trying to sneak out the door with his pack for the weekend, and had to document it. He's got a debate tourney in Shreveport this weekend, and he doesn't mess around when it comes to looking good. The man is a snappy dresser, 'nuff said. He's also an avid Banana eater, and managed to slip one into his pack on the way out the door (can you find it?).

I'm heading to Bentonville for a relaxing weekend with Papa Bear. We'll be batching it, no doubt spending the majority of our meals at McDonalds and The Awful Waffle. Aubrey is coming along too! When it comes to Co-Pilots, she's the best in the field. Driving home with her in the passenger seat is an awesome excuse to spend 4hrs together.

I hope everybody else has a smooth weekend ahead!