Another Fun Arkadelphia Weekend

Welp, it's Monday night, time to recap what has been an exciting past few days.

Thursday was the Battle of the Ravine, as you know, and the parents came into town.  They managed to make it here by 3pm, no doubt hauling it full speed all the way down Highway 7.
the Pulse Family
But, they made it by Praise Hour time, and got to sit in the booth with me for the show.  It was really great having them here, and I can't believe they were willing to make the 4hr drive, without any fuss.  That's a long way for a football game, but something tells me that's not really why they came.

I got a new piece of gear on Saturday, making the drive to Little Rock to pick it up.  But, it was definitely worth the trip, because I got to eat Luby's with my parents, and Macaroni Grill with the Elliott women.  Which, is going out of business, apparently??

Best of all, we dropped by TCBY to finish off the evening, fulfilling my     White Chocolate Mouse with Reese's Shiver     desires.  Wow, that is some good yogurt right there.  Maybe even the country's best.

I also got to shoot the Arkansas State Cross Country Championships on Saturday, in Hot Springs.  More on that later.

Aubrey and I visited 2nd Baptist again, trying to make a decision soon about our future church home here in Arkadoo (now you've got ME saying it, Mrs. Elliott!).  We've got it down to two choices, and I feel like we'll have it in the bag after just a few more visits.