Nature's Miracle: Dishwashers

Dishwashing Cam
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I'm learning to respect and appreciate the simple things in life. Here in the dorms, certain things remind you, Toto, "There's no place like home".

Dishwashers: what a great idea. Who invented these things? Joel Houghton  I just spent every bit of 20mins washing: a few forks, and a skillet. OK, it was a little more than that, but who cares, it took FOREVER.

Last night was me and Aubrey's 24-month (2-year, for you math majors) anniversary. I decided to finally cook that breakfast that I had always promised her I would cook for her, someday. Well, last night, was that day, night, I think, whatever. I set out to cook her the best breakfast she'd ever had. Of course, she's the product of the Elliott Household, and with Mrs. Stephanie behind the stove, I don't stand a chance.

the Tools of the Trade
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I scrambled eggs in my electric skillet, and microwaved pretty much everything else. It's a dorm room, what's a kid, err... man, to do?

The dishes slept dirty last night, but this afternoon was their time. I carried them down the hall, to this kitchen sink area on the floor. I swear, it took my 2mins for each spoon, fork and knife down there. Holy cow. Of course, I had all the necessary tools of the trade, but still. I'm used to rinsing, and then poppin' dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Not here. DANG. I have a new respect for dishwashers. To the students from the uh... Old School, hat's off. You guys survived your childhoods with no dishwasher. I wouldn't have made it. I would have "bottoms-up" the dawn, and called it quits, right there.